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    Brand Name: The CBDistillery
    Product Reviewed: CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

    Since you’re on our site and reading this review, you’re obviously interested CBD oils and their numerous benefits. You’ll also know that in a relatively short space of time, the CBD market has skyrocketed and is now worth over $2 billion dollars. What first gained legal approval as a food supplement has since been developed into a number of different ways, which today includes tinctures (more commonly known as CBD oils), vape juice, edibles, topical creams, oral sprays, CBD crystals and more. However, as with any industry that experiences such prodigious growth and rakes in the dollars, buyers in 2018 need to be careful that their hard earned money isn’t wasted on an inferior or even counterfeit product.

    In today’s CBD oil review we will be taking a closer look at The CBD Distillery and their CBD oil offerings to see if they are worthy of your dollars.


    On their website, The CBDistillery states that are were started by a number of Colorado residents who shared a passionate belief that everyone has the right to “the highest quality, fairly priced hemp derived CBD”. They go to that say that their aim is “provide more than just exceptional products and service, we are on a mission to provide hemp derived CBD oil all through the #CBDMOVEMENT, by providing access to education, research and testimonials”. The CBDIstillery have come up with their catchy hashtag a way of improving public knowledge and perception of the oil and its many benefits.


    While the setup of the online store lists all The CBDistillery products on a single page rather than separate categories, forcing customers to scroll all the way through to find the product they need, they do have a comprehensive range of full spectrum THC-free CBD oils (or tinctures as the brand seems to prefer calling them). After giving your scrolling finger a bit of a workout, you’ll discover that their impressive range consists of:

    • 250mg in a 15ml bottle for $20
    • 500mg in a 15ml bottle for $35
    • 1000mg in a 15ml bottle $60
    • 2500mg in 30ml bottle for $130 and
    • 5000mg in a 30ml bottle for $240

    All the products in the range are pesticide-free and 100% organic, with +99%  CBD purity The 5000mg variant is quite potent and actually one of the strongest out on the market. It is perfect for users that require large doses daily and want a supply that can last for weeks or even months.

    As with all full spectrum organic CBD oil products, the +99%CBD is extracted from the mature stalks and stems of the hemp plant. The vast majority of experts recommend full spectrum CBD oils as they created what is known as the Entourage Effect. 


    With this effect, it was proven that CBD is more effective when it consists of a number of cannabinoids as they complement each other, work together and increase the potency of the product. 


    At first, you may wonder why the color of the oil is even a factor. But when dealing with an all or mostly natural product with no artificial colorants, the natural color can tell you quite a bit.

    The color is almost always dependent on the type and quality of filtration the product undergoes. There are three different forms of CBD oil, each the result of a different filtration process - raw, decarboxylated, and filtered.

    Raw CBD oil undergoes no further filtration once the oil has been extracted from the plant. This usually means that the resultant oil will appear greenish in color thanks to the chlorophyll that remains in the oil.

    Decarboxylated CBD oil usually has a dark green to almost black look to it and is quite thick in consistency and said to be easily absorbed by the body.

    Filtered CBD oils are the gold standard of the industry. This filtering process removes the vast majority of excess material found in the original oil, giving it a clear, golden appearance and palatable taste. It is also the most expensive form as oils produced in this way contain the highest concentration of CBD.

    CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is light in color and thin in its consistency thanks to it being filtered and undergoing thorough CO2extraction.


    CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture has a light plant-like aroma and taste to it. However, it is quite gentle and while not overly pleasant, it definitely not a chore to consume on a daily basis


    CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is said to be one of the best CBD oil for sleep currently available, with many professional reviewers also claiming that it is a good CBD oil for sleep. We believe that The CBD Distillery are living up to their aim of providing the public with one of “the highest quality, fairly priced hemp derived CBD” products currently available in today’s market. Use CBDistillerycoupon code and CBDistillery promo code to avail best offers on their products.


    Price: $20 (250mg in 15ml bottle) - $159.95 (5000mg in 30ml bottle)

    Range: 250mg (15ml), 500mg (15ml), 1000mg (15ml), 2500mg (30ml) and 5000mg (30ml)

    Base: Organic hemp sourced from Colorado

    Ingredients: Only 100% organic and GMO-free

    Extraction: CO2 extraction

    Testing: Third party lab tested with results posted online

    Availability: Shipped to all 50 states