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Why We Like Them

Based out of Canada, bruvy is a men’s wellness brand that combines daily essentials with guidance to encourage and ease the process of taking care of self for men. Men are accused of being the more negligent of the two sexes when it comes to personal care and hygiene. At bruvy, the focus shifts to offering thoughtful products that make guys feel confident about themselves. It is easy to get started, stay healthy & feel handsome, with bruvy. 


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    bruvy Company Overview

    The consumer goods company, bruvy has its hold on men’s grooming & wellness products. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the company is known for its innovations since 2018. Its founders - Walker Munro (Creative Director), Steadman Dining (CEO), Evan Romano (COO) & Nicole Drutz (CMO) call themselves the ‘nerd’ in the skincare segment. 

    Their mission is to make men feel great in their skin & put the feeling of bumpy, oily & dry to a backseat. Every purchase comes with free access to text-based guidance (Or Guydance) which also includes chat sessions with coaches (specializing in cosmetics, dermatology, nutrition, and fitness), for advice & daily reminders along with tips to stay healthy and happy!

    Is bruvy Right for You?

    The product talks to men, who are often ‘stereotyped’ as more careless when it comes to self-care regime. This team, founded by a group of men, wants to break that stereotype so that they break the barriers and open conversations to building healthier habits. The company is not about trends but developing a set of essentials. It is simple, effective & backed by real science. Crafted with the help of real chemists & real guys, one can trust the product because it understands its consumers well. It claims to show results that guys need & hence, is a handy, easy to use and well-thought product for self-care. 

    Although there were a few consumer concerns that said they were unable to figure out the correct quantity to be squeezed from the bottles. 

    Is bruvy Credible?

    Bruvy takes into account all skin types. Allegedly not all guys are aware of their skin-type. That is the reason bruvy provides solutions to serve all men, alike. Made of the best plant-based ingredients that nature can offer, bruvy helps you take better care, by providing assisted guidance on your fingertips and at your convenience. Bruvy has made all its products sustainable, fragrance-free & plant-based to avoid issues with sensitive skin & other allergies.

    The cherry on top is that the products are alcohol-free, vegan & cruelty-free, that means quality to you and the environment. There’s another layer of credibility added with the knowledge that its manufacturers are equally the consumers of the products. Co-founder Dining says that Bruvy is pronounced “bruh-vee,” which is slang for brother. The company aims at becoming a cool older brother to guys. The CEO believes that men, in general, lacked an authority figure in their life to enlighten them about skincare and how to take care of various skin types. 

    What are the Products offered? 

    Bruvy has two products :

    Face cleanser 

    The gel face wash has a creamy consistency, removes excess oil and dirt, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and healthy. The cleanser includes ingredients like coco glucoside, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate, hydrolyzed lupine protein, and propanediol. It contains 118 ml of product.

    Face moisturizer

    This cream has a light formula as it hydrates, protects, and softens your skin giving it an instant rejuvenation. The moisturizer ingredients include resveratrol, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed lupine protein, ceramide complex, pomegranate, and allantoin. It contains 50 ml of the product.

    The bottles and packaging also aim to communicate the directions and mode of usage of the products along with the order of application (The Face Cleansing step comes before the Face Moisturizer step) and key ingredients. For example, Nicole Drutz who is the CMO and co-founder of bruvy, states that hey defines the ingredients and their benefits clearly on the packaging to help the user understand clearly. 

    Bruvy also offers its users an option to purchase gift sets which is a combo of the face wash and the face moisturizer. They have two options in it - one without a Dopp kit and one with it which makes it a perfect gifting option. The product is fragrance-free, sustainable, and plant-based.

    Bruvy has a unique called Guydance which is a text-on demand service that a customer of Bruvy products can avail of with no subscription fee. It offers product advice for coaches along with motivation and tips to stay handsome and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The customer is free to text the coaches available on the platform 7 days a week to ask questions, set reminders, tips to get the most out of your products, ingredients to watch for, and get frequent advice and skincare and lifestyle.

    How much do Products Cost?

    The company supports plant driven (natural), eco-friendly, and fragrance-free products. The product is handy, easy to use, and apply. Bruvy uses an easy usage mechanism of pumps and a single pump is sufficient to wash or moisturize with every use. The products last the customer for three months. Bruvy plans to launch it’s own line of wellness products next. 

    • Bruvy face cleanser - $20
    • Bruvy face moisturizer - $24
    • Gift set (Face cleanser + face moisturizer, comes with a Dopp Kit) - $55
    • Gift set (Face cleanser + face moisturizer, without a kit) - $40

    What Do We Think About bruvy? 

    Bruvy as a brand has immense trust in its products and issues a full refund to first-time customers within 60 days if the customer isn't satisfied with the products. No questions asked plus they don’t expect you to get into the hassle of sending the product back to them. Their returns policy is fairly straightforward and easy as well.

    Bruvy is a product with a purpose. It doesn’t only promote self-care but educates individuals to do the same. Composed of natural, recyclable and non-fragrant products, it cares for men & the environment alike. With not a lot of choice to offer, bruvy is the perfect solution to take care of all types of skin that bothers a man. The brand, which acts like an elder brother who teaches the regimen of self-care, wants to break the stereotype of unhygienic men. It promotes care, for a purpose. Hence, we completely recommend it.