Bluebird Botanicals Review Review

Bluebird Botanicals Review

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    Brand Name: Bluebird Botanicals
    Product Reviewed: BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete CBD Oil


    Founded in Boulder, Colorado back in 2012 by well-known cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Brandon J Beatty, BlueBird Botanicals has since grown to become one of the most popular and well-established CBD oil brands in the United States.

    Just a year after it creation, BlueBird Botanicals launch its very own range of hemp CBD products. The brand quickly took off and soon established a strong online presence. Today BlueBird Botanicals has an enviable reputation in the hemp/cannabis industry and delivers their range of hemp-derived oils to several states and international markets. The brand, well-respected for its admirable business practices, send samples from every batch it produces to a third-party lab who test to ensure quality control and consistent potency levels.  


    In today’s CBD oil review, we will be taking a closer look at BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete - a full-spectrum CBD oil.

    BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete’s C02 extracted CBD oil is made up from a blend of various hemp extracts high in terpenes and containing CBD (decarboxylated cannabinoids) and CBD-A (non-decarboxylated/raw cannabinoids) in a 1:1 ratio. This results in an oil that is rich in terpenes and carries the much-desired Entourage Effect.


    With this effect, it was proven that CBD is more effective when it consists of a number of cannabinoids as they complement each other, work together and increase the potency of the product.

    BlueBird Botanicals’ CBD products are highly regarded as they are known to only use the highest quality hemp that is sustainably and organically grown in Colorado. It then undergoes the most intensive and expensive extraction process currently available - a cold temperature high-pressure CO2 extraction process widely known to create a quality CBD oil. At 500mg, BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete is quite potent when compared to many of competing brands currently operating.

    While the product is excellent, their range is not. Most of the well-known brands offer variants of differing strength. However, this need not be a problem as with just a little effort, you can measure your dose according. Thankfully, BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete is available in a number of sizes - 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 8oz with prices ranging between $9.95 all the way up to $159.95. Their entry-level product (1/3 oz) at $9.95 gives it one of the lowest entry points in the market. This is quite remarkable when you take into consideration the high quality of the product on offer.

    BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete is said by many users in their online reviews to be “a good CBD oil for anxiety”, with many even going so far as to say that it is also a “great CBD oil for sleep”.


    At first, you may wonder why the color of the oil is even a factor. But when dealing with an all or mostly natural product with no artificial colorants, the natural color can tell you quite a bit.

    The color is almost always dependent on the type and quality of filtration the product undergoes. There are three different forms of CBD oil, each the result of a different filtration process - raw, decarboxylated, and filtered.

    Raw CBD oil undergoes no further filtration once the oil has been extracted from the plant. This usually means that the resultant oil will appear greenish in color thanks to the chlorophyll that remains in the oil.

    Decarboxylated CBD oil usually has a dark green to almost black look to it and is quite thick in consistency and said to be easily absorbed by the body.

    Filtered CBD oils are the gold standard of the industry. This filtering process removes the vast majority of excess material found in the original oil, giving it a clear, golden appearance and palatable taste. It is also the most expensive form as oils produced in this way contain the highest concentration of CBD.

    BlueBird Botanicals Hemp Complete is light in color and thin in its consistency thanks to it being distilled and undergoing thorough CO2 extraction.


    BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete has a slight plant-like aroma and taste to it. However, it is quite subtle and while not delicious, it shouldn’t pose a problem for those with a more refined palate.


    When you take into account the quality of the base product, its admirable business practices, sustainable farming methods, extensive and expensive extraction process, make it is easy to see why Cannabist named BlueBird as the #1 CBD Company in 2016.

    BlueBird Botanicals’ Hemp Complete is known to be one of the best CBD oil for sleep and is also said to be useful in placating the effect of anxiety. It is a high-quality product with a fairly high concentration of CBD for a more than reasonable price.

    This Bluebird Botanicals product is one the best CBD oils on the market today. We recommend that all CBD oil users should consider and perhaps even try Hemp Complete.  We’re confident that you will soon be another of their satisfied customers. Use Bluebird Botanicals coupon code and Bluebird Botanicals promo code to avail best offers on their products. 


    Price: $9.95 (1/3oz) - $159.95 (8oz)

    Range: +500mg available in 1/3oz, 1oz, 2oz, 4oz and 8oz

    Base: Organic hemp sourced from Colorado

    Ingredients: Hemp extract emulsified in organic hemp seed oil

    Extraction: Cold temperature high-pressure CO2 extraction method

    Testing: Third party lab tested with results posted online

    Availability: Shipped to most states. Speak to a medical practitioner for info on your state