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Blink Health

Why We Like Them

Blink Health was founded by brothers Geoff and Matthew Chaiken with one mission in mind – to make prescription drugs affordable for everyone. And based on what we’ve seen, they’re doing a pretty good job of it. They believe that the true cost of drugs should be transparent for all to see by putting it online.


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    BlinkHealth Company Review

    We all know that the medication is expensive. In fact, it’s overly expensive. But why? Is it the manufacturers who are charging so much? Or is it the insurance companies who are driving up prices? Perhaps it’s the pharmacies who’re adding on more than they should? Well, the truth is that there is a middleman between the drug manufacturers and pharmacies called the Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) and THEY are responsible for the exorbitant prices we are forced to pay.

    How did things get this way? Well at the start of the second-millennium insurance companies were hiring these Pharmacy Benefit Managers to manage the health plans they were offering and to deal with drug companies, negotiating the lowest prices so that the poor consumers got a better deal. Pharmacy Benefit Managers were also responsible for selling drugs to retail pharmacies. In short, Pharmacy Benefit Managers were meant to work with drug manufacturers and pharmacies so that insured customers got the best deal possible. But as we can see in 2020, something went wrong. Very wrong.

    So why did it go wrong? Well, the Pharmacy Benefit Managers soon realized that they were the only ones who knew the actual prices they bargained with the drug manufacturers. The insurance companies didn’t know the original cost of the drugs or prices the PMBs bargained. Neither did the retail pharmacies.

    Knowing that they, along with the drug manufacturers, were the only ones to know to actual prices, the Pharmacy Benefit Managers came up with a plan. They would tell the retail pharmacies that the prices they negotiated with the drug manufacturers were higher than they really were. These retail pharmacies would then charge customers co-paying for the drugs. So, the pharmacies take their fairly earned profits and the Pharmacy Benefit Managers take the rest. And since nobody knew that they were adding on the actual price they negotiated drug manufacturers, they didn’t need to hand this extra money over to the insurance companies or the end customers and used this money to gold plate their toilets, purchase a secret den in the heart of a volcano or whatever else villains spend their ill-gotten gains on.

    Well, thankfully today we have companies like Blink Health, an online pharmacy that cuts the Pharmacy Benefit Managers and passes the savings they negotiated on to the end customers (that’s us).

    Geoff and Matthew have cut the Pharmacy Benefit Managers out and only deal directly with pharmaceutical drug companies. They also negotiate with retail drug stores so that their members can enjoy brand-name and generic medications at the lowest possible price. So just by eliminating the Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Blink Health has drastically cut the cost of prescription drugs.

    So, how is Blink Health able to negotiate such low prices for end-users? Through strength in numbers. The more people that join Blink Health, the more negotiating power they hold over pharmaceutical drug companies and pharmacies. At the moment Blink Health has around 600,000 members, enough to be able to negotiate impressive discounts on thousands of medications. Blink Health seems to be the cure to over-priced medication.

    Thanks to their proprietary technology every person in the United States now has access to one super low price on over 15,000 medications. Blink Health and their super low prices are available to the insured and the uninsured. 


    What Does BlinkHealth Do?

    Blink Health and their free home delivery service is available in all 50 states and Washington, DC. There are plans to extend their delivery service to Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands in the near future. Until then, residents of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands can pay for their medication online and collect it at a local pharmacy.

    BlinkHealth's Online Process

    The first step for those wanting to get their medication at the lowest possible price is to go to the Blink Health website, sign up and log in.

    Next, search for the medication you’re looking for. 

    Once you’ve found the medication, select your preferred pick-up option. You will be able to choose between Blink Everyday Low Price or Blink Smart Deal. With Blink Everyday Low Price, you can pick up your medication at any Blink Health partner pharmacy. The Blink Smart Deal option will show you the pharmacy in your area that is selling the medication for the lowest price. You actually get the best deal with Blink Smart Deal if you are willing to travel to the pharmacy at the lowest price. Before you go to the pharmacy, we suggest you make sure that they already have your prescription.

    Next, pay for your medication online, safe in the knowledge that your info is encrypted and secure on Blink Health.

    When you get to the pharmacy, show them the receipt you received after making the payment of the Blink Health website. Be sure to tell the pharmacist to process Blink Health as the primary payer

    Pay for the medication right there online. Don’t worry, your info is safe.

    Since you have already paid for your prescription, you can actually have your medication delivered to your door in two days. Blink Health actually reward you with a further discount if you decide to have your meds delivered

    And get this, since you have already paid for your prescription, you can choose to have it delivered to you in two days! Plus, Blink Health gives you a bonus discount if you decide to have your meds delivered to you!

    Benefits of BlinkHealth

    • Huge discounts on over 15,000 different branded and generic medications
    • Wide range of pharmacies to choose from
    • You can choose to either collect your medication directly from the pharmacy or have it delivered to your door
    • Online payment means no needs to pay at the pharmacy when collecting your meds
    • Blink Health offers a Price Match Guarantee on all generic medications. 

    More About Blink Health’s Price Match Guaranteed

    • If you find the same generic at a lower price anywhere else, Blink Health will match that price and refund you the difference.
    • Blink Health Price Match Guarantee can also be used against coupon sites, as long as it is not a site that charges a membership fee and the coupon is redeemable at a physical pharmacy near your location
    • Blink Health only price match generic drugs if the other price is for the exact same item (this means it must have the same prescription, dose, form and quantity)
    • The price to be matched must be the publicly available cash price that is currently on offer when you submit your claim
    • Blink Health do not price match against its own prices

    Price Matching Prescriptions that are physically collected from a local pharmacy:

    • You can only submit a price match claim after you have already made a purchase and had a prescription filled by Blink Health
    • Blink health do not price match against mail delivery pharmacies located outside of the United States

    Price Matching Mail Delivered Prescriptions

    • You can only submit a price match claim after you have already made a purchase and had a prescription filled by Blink Health
    • The other price must be from a fully legal and accredited pharmacy based in the United States
    • The other price must include shipping since Blink Health do not charge or shipping
    • Price match is only valid against generic medications
    • Blink Health do not price match against one-time coupons or promos

    What Do We Think about BlinkHealth?

    Blink Health has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by cutting out the middleman (PBMs) and passing the savings on to the customer on over 15,000 generic and branded medications. That on its own should mark Blink Health as a winner in most people's book, but they have gone a step further and made it easier than ever to get your medication, giving you the choice of either collecting it from a nearby pharmacy or having it delivered straight to your door. Now, add the fact they Blink Health is willing to price match and refund you the difference, and it is hard to see how they are anything but a winner and, hopefully, the future standard when it comes to medication.