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Men's health conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and hair loss are extraordinarily common, but treatment has always been expensive, embarrassing, or inconvenient.

For erectile dysfunction, 20% of all guys under 40 have it, and that percentage doubles — 52%! — with the over-40 crowd. Premature ejaculation is right in the middle there — Mayo Clinic estimates about a third of American men experience it at least occasionally. And hair loss? Just take a look around.

None of these health conditions are deadly and all of them are treatable with medication, but do you really want to talk penises with your family doctor?

That's exactly why the team at Roman built a better system. A digital health clinic for men, Roman has completely changed the way men around the US can get treatment for conditions like erectile dysfunctionpremature ejaculationhair lossgenital herpes, and cold sores. They do this by making it easy for you to connect online with a real doctor who can assess if treatment is right for you and, if appropriate, prescribe genuine medication Then, Roman can ship your medication right to your door quickly with free 2-day shipping. No visit to the pharmacy required, and you can cancel your plan anytime, with no hidden fees. You also have the option of sending your medication to your local pharmacy for pickup. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Roman has also mastered the art of discreet shipping. No one, including your neighbors or your mailman, needs to know what's showing up on your doorstep. And thanks to Roman's lowkey, nondescript packaging, no one else will. You can always reach Roman and get an answer. Roman is available 24/7 by email and Monday to Friday during business hours by phone. 

The best part is that Roman members can follow-up with their doctor for free. You can reach out to your Roman-affiliated doctor whenever you need. Whether you have a general question or need to alter your medication, you'll have unlimited access to support. All this makes Roman the ideal way to get the necessary treatment without unnecessary inconvenience. 

Roman is a digital health clinic for men that's convenient and easy to use. Talk to a real doctor and you can get a real prescription to treat your erectile dysfunctionpremature ejaculationhair loss, and genital herpesTry it today and get a free visit with a US-licensed physician.

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Roman is a digital clinic for men: Get E.D. pills like Viagara or Cialis, hair loss treatment, or treatment for many other men's health conditions. Fast, affordable, and discreet - with contact-free prescription delivery!
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