Here’s Exactly How Hair Loss Treatments Work & How To Get Them Fast & Easy Online

We’ve assembled the ultimate guide for hair loss - whether you’ve already lost a bunch, it’s just starting, or you want to prevent hair loss - here’s everything you need to know to embark on your hair loss treatment journey (at the lowest cost & best convenience out there!)

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First - Is Hair Loss Treatment Right For You?

There are three main types of balding that you can get fast & easy treatments for online. You may be suffering from one or more conditions, and either way - you may be a great candidate for telehealth hair loss treatment.

  • Receding hairline 

  • Thinning crown

  • Receding hairline and thinning crown

How At-Home Hair Loss Treatment Works

If you want private, fast, and easy treatment for hair loss, skip going to your doctor - you can now do everything online in about 3 minutes.

  1. Complete an online consultation about your hair loss for a doctor to review.

  2. Once they review your case, you’ll receive your personalized treatment plan as well as ongoing messaging access to your doctor.

  3. They’ll mail everything you need for three months of treatment at once - at about half the cost of buying everything at your local pharmacy

  4. Message your doctor anytime you’d like to make sure your treatment is on schedule or if you have any other questions.

It all starts with a simple consultation that you can complete in 3 minutes. Try Keeps & get a free doctor’s consultation AND your first month of treatment for free.

3 Types Of Hair Loss Treatment You Can Get Online

Minoxidil (OTC) Generic Rogaine®

Minoxidil is a treatment that you put directly on your scalp which slows down hair loss and can even promote hair regrowth at the crown of your head. When it's consistently applied twice a day, it can help you maintain a fuller head of hair. Minoxidil comes in two forms: solution and foam.

  • Apply directly to your scalp with a dropper or directly with your hands

  • Works best for the crown and vertex of your head

  • Can help grow thicker, longer (and just plain more) hair

  • Initial shedding may occur as the new hairs push out older strands

  • Expect results in as little as 4-6 months

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Finasteride (Rx) Generic Propecia®

Finasteride is a prescription pill that’s taken once a day every day. It works by blocking the production of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that causes male pattern baldness. This FDA-approved treatment has been proven to prevent the spread of receding hairlines and boost hair regrowth for some men.

Proven effective at reducing and (sometimes stopping) hair loss

  • Works on the hairline, crown, and vertex

  • In general, finasteride is well-tolerated, and side effects only impact a small percentage of users. 3.8% of people taking finasteride in clinical studies experienced some sort of sexual side effect (vs 2.1% of participants taking a placebo) Curious how to reduce the side effects of Finasteride?

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Minoxidil (OTC) + Finasteride (Rx) Combo

For the greatest chance of success, many men chose to use both treatment types simultaneously. Companies like Keeps offer all-in-one packages that you can easily buy online.

Price: Get 3 months of treatment for only $70 via Keeps

If you’re not sure what type of treatment is best for the hair loss that you’re experiencing (or trying to prevent), you can get a free online consultation from Keeps right now, just click here to start!

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