Antidote Health Announces Expanded Telehealth Coverage – Now In 15 States

In a relatively short span of time, Antidote Health has become a telehealth dynamo, and it’s only set to continue growing. The company launched in January 2021, and managed to raise over $12 million in seed capital over the rest of the year. 

You can learn more about Antidote Health in our comprehensive review here. If you want the gist of what the company does though; they offer affordable, virtual primary care, mental healthcare, and long-term hypertension treatment on a membership basis.

They operate an experimental, cutting edge B2C virtual HMO system, utilizing algorithmic artificial intelligence technology to identify gaps in the health coverage and treatments available for uninsured and underinsured Americans.

Antidote Health’s AI systems are working slowly but surely to close these health coverage gaps in the US, and recently, the company has made one of its biggest strides yet toward closing those gaps. They are now accepting patients in 15 states and with that, can offer services to at least 70% of Americans.

With this unprecedented expansion, Antidote Health and its technologies serve a massive gap in the telehealth market:

  • 15 years of combined telehealth experience
  • 59 million Americans with underserved health coverage
  • Over 1 billion unique data points

If you’re curious about what these new developments mean for you, and your potential search for your next online doctor, here’s what you need to know. 

Antidote Health Locations

As PRNewswire reported back in August of 2021, Antidote Health launched a 24/7 virtual care service at the start of last year, primarily servicing New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, and Florida, as well as a few other states. Since then, the company has nearly doubled the scope of its operations.

Since the start of the year, Antidote Health has expanded its coverage to Georgia, Arizona, Missouri, Washington, Colorado, and Illinois. Now, the company is operating in 15 states, and now has the means to fill in the coverage gaps for nearly 70% of the U.S. population. 

Far too often, far too many Americans face economic barriers that prevent them from gaining the essential level of care they need and deserve. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 8.6% of all Americans were left uninsured circa 2020. In other contexts, 8.6% may not sound like a lot, but that adds up to over roughly 28 million Americans uninsured, a slight increase from previous years triggered by economic upheaval wrought from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

By greatly expanding the scale and scope of its efforts, Antidote Health hopes to ameliorate and gradually patch up the cracks that befall far too many Americans in the U.S. healthcare system and seeks to revolutionize means and modes of treatment by establishing itself as a trusted remote telehealth provider. It also wishes to give patients greater control and ability to self-manage their essential documentation, medical records, and real doctor's notes for work. Don't fake a doctor's note - stick to legit telehealth providers like Antidote!

Is Antidote Health Legit? Is Antidote Health Worth It?

As far as online doctors and telehealth providers go, Antidote Health is about as legit as legit can get. The company serves all manner of physical and behavioral health conditions, including:

Effectively, Antidote Health treats just about everything short of things that would require in-person hospitalization or physical treatment. 

You can find out more about Antidote Health’s services in our full review HERE, and get $10 off your first Antidote Health visit by signing up HERE with the code “RELIEFSEEKER”.

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