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    Fitness Apps

    Fitness apps have turned the great-wide world of working out upside down. No longer do you need to share sweaty gym equipment or feel uncoordinated in a room of Zumba twinkle toes to get your fitness on. These apps offer the same great workouts — all from the comfort of your own home.

    Smartphone Apps

    Smartphone apps can be accessed directly from your phone. No special equipment required.

    Smart Device Apps

    Smart device apps require a fitness band or watch or even other equipment, such as an exercise bike, treadmill, or mirror (yes, really, a mirror) to use.

    Common Fitness App Features

    Motivation/Fitness Trainer

    Some people can get right into their workouts; others need a little motivation (and sometimes a little verbal abuse) to get into a workout. Some apps will even track calories and workouts, like Lose It. These apps offer instruction and motivation in one handy tool. An example of a motivational fitness app is MyfitnessPal

    Workout Builder

    We all need a little workout advice sometimes. Workout builders tell you what to do and when to do it. Examples of such apps are Couch25K, Weight Loss- Work Out at Home, and HIIT combo builders. 

    Run/Walk Route

    Got a great running route? You can track your route on some apps, share your route with others, and download the best routes in your area, all from one app. 

    Music Playlist

    One of our biggest workout pet peeves is when we need to exit out of our fitness app to access our workout playlist. Luckily, most fitness apps can sync with playlists, so you never need to toggle back and forth again.

    Class Scheduler

    Fitness apps like ClassPass have changed the way people go to the gym — and schedule online workouts. Considered the Netflix of the fitness world, these apps offer a large menu of health and wellness services for one low(ish) monthly fee. 

    Online Fitness Class

    One of the most popular fitness app features in the past few years has been online classes (hello Peleton!). These apps bring online fitness class participants together from all over the world. Instructors can see participant stats in real-time and even give ‘shout outs’ to those who need extra motivation or encouragement.