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Wisdo is a support group app that connects people from all over the world who suffer from chronic conditions, anxiety, loneliness, depression, and more. People can sign up for help from other members or as helpers that have already been through a trying situation and want to offer support.

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About Wisdo

Wisdo Company Overview 

Wisdo is an app that connects like-minded people that need group support for life’s challenges. We all suffer from the same (or similar) struggles. Finding someone that has ‘been there and done that’ can be a huge resource for a person still suffering in the dark night of the soul.

This app offers a platform for people who need support and for those that can offer a light at the end of the tunnel for those still suffering. 

Popular topics discussed on the app include pandemic, work, anxiety, and lifestyle support. The app also features a community of LGBTQ users that can share resources and offer an ear or some advice.

Is Wisdo Right For You? 

Wisdo is a group support self-care platform that specializes in a wide range of issues. Some people fail to get the support they need for chronic conditions, insomnia, and mental health concerns because they worry their problems aren’t big enough or valid. 

Yet, knowing you’re not alone in the world can lead to faster recovery times and lessen loneliness (one of the biggest causes of chronic conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, and lung cancer!).

This app is right for you if you need group support for any of the following issues:

  • Coping with loss
  • Pandemic support
  • Reducing stress
  • Pandemic anxiety
  • Improving sleep
  • Learning to meditate
  • Lost job
  • Pandemic lockdown
  • Reducing debt
  • Connecting with grandparents
  • COVID-19 positive test


  • Building self-esteem
  • Increasing happiness
  • Heartbreak
  • Practicing self-care

Mental Health


Work and Money

  • College
  • Relocation
  • Managing finances
  • Finding a dream job


  • Motherhood
  • Pregnancy
  • Caregiving

Is Wisdo Credible?

It’s important to understand that Wisdo doesn’t hire mental health professionals or online therapists to listen to worries or offer advice. This app is simply a platform for people that need support to connect with each other.

Wisdo reviews on the Apple Store generally hover around 4.5 stars. The app has also received the following accolades:

  • Best App for 2019 (Social Impact Category)
  • Best 5 Apps for 2019 (Personal Development Category)
  • World’s Most Innovative Company, Fastcompany 2019
  • App of The Day for October 2018, May 2019, March 2019, and December 2019

Wisdo has been featured in:

  • Forbes
  • Linkedin
  • New York Times
  • Business Insider
  • Bloomberg

Healthcare Conditions Treated by Wisdo  

Wisdo doesn’t treat mental health or physical conditions directly. Instead, this app offers a platform for support groups. 

Stress is a known cause of many chronic conditions, including cancer, depression, and heart disease. 

The most common types of conditions Wisdo users suffer from include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic illnesses and diseases
  • Loneliness
  • COVID-19 mental health issues
  • LGBTQ issues

If you’re suffering from any of the above conditions and need support from people that have already made it to the other side, we recommend checking out Wisdo. The platform can help ease the pain of the above conditions while offering support for dealing with some of life’s most challenging problems.

How Wisdo Works

Joining this support group website is so easy. You can be chatting about your problems in mere minutes. Simply download the app to get started.

Step 1: Choose Up to 3 Goals

Choose three issues that you’re struggling with right now (you can choose fewer if you’d like, but three is the max).

Under each category, answer a few questions about your issues. For each question, answer ‘been there’ or ‘there now’ so other members know if you’re signing up to support others or need support yourself.

Step 2: Meet Group Support Members

After you’ve chosen your categories, you can start reading what others have written. Chat with other members, get help, and offer support.

Step 3: Get Support for Life

Once you’ve created a rapport in your groups, you’ll have a support system that you can count on for the rest of your life.

Wisdo Does NOT treat Some Conditions 

Wisdo isn’t a replacement for regular therapy. It works well in tandem with therapy and/or medications, but it should never replace your actual doctor.

You can only use this app if you’re age 17 or older (younger members aren’t allowed). 

If you’re suffering from a severe mental illness, have thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself or others, please call 911 or get emergency assistance immediately.

This app also doesn’t guarantee that all of your conditions will be cured through support groups. It’s always best to take these groups with a grain of salt. While moderators help to ensure no other members are there to take advantage of users, you should always use good judgment when sharing information about yourself online.

Pricing: How Much Does Wisdo Cost? 

Wisdo’s costs are pretty fair. The app itself is free to download, and developers often offer a free trial period in case you’re worried if you’ll like the app.

Of course, the app also offers in-app purchases. After the free trial period, the cost of Wisdo for monthly or annual membership fees is:

Wisdo monthly membership: $5.99

Wisdo annual membership: $54.99

This app doesn’t accept health insurance plans as a form of payment or FSA or HSA account funds. If you want to cancel Wisdo, you should do so at least three business days before your account billing date.

What Do We Think About Wisdo?

As far as apps go, we really love Wisdo. We think this app’s developers came up with a great idea — that also helps people. Connecting people (from all over the world) suffering from life’s main stressors is a great business model.

We love how the app gets the ball rolling by creating chat rooms themed on specific topics. 

If you’re suffering from loneliness, depression, self-help issues, work and money issues, or identity issues, we recommend downloading Wisdo to start getting help.


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